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The Northside Investment Cooperative Enterprise

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Learn more about the project at 35th and Penn and how you can become a member.

Cooperative Ownership

A community-owned investment cooperative in North Minneapolis that purchases properties to create and maintain affordable housing and commercial space for Northside residents prioritizing Black, Indigineous, and People of Color. 

Properties  on the Northside, owned by the Northside. 

What we don’t have individually, we have as a community. NICE MN is a vehicle for Northsiders to take real ownership over their community. There is no shortage of ideas on how to move their community forward from people that call North Minneapolis home, but there is a lack of access to capital. NICE MN leverages small contributions to lower barriers for community members to open their businesses or live in housing that fulfills their needs at an affordable price. 

The shared values of NICE:
Community ownership by Northsiders
Preserve and improve affordable housing and commercial spaces
Return on investment to Northsiders
Support for local Northside businesses